Eco Friendly Biodegradable Tattoo Products

Eco-Friendly Clip Cord Sleeves and Eco-Friendly Bottle Bags and Compostable plastic cups at True Tattoo Supply have one of the lowest net carbon footprints that offsets all the carbon emissions from the production of these biodegradable tattoo products are made from PLAs and support American farmers, not oil companies!

Eco-Friendly Bottle Bags

Eco-Friendly Clip Cord Sleeves

Eco-Friendly Rinse Cups - pack of 50 cups

Paper Ink Caps

Wipe Outz™ Dry, Sterilized Tattoo Towels

Wipe Outz™ Cleansing Tattoo Aftercare Wipe


Eco-friendly razors - box of 50

Razor handles made from wheat straw. Box is 100% compostable.