Method Tattoo Ink Shelf System

The Method Tattoo System is available now at True Tattoo Supply. 

Method Ink Shelves are designed to organize your inks in a way in which you can see all of your colors at a glance.  Available in 1,2,4 and 8 ounce sizes, the Method Ink Shelves fit seamlessly into our Slat Walls, so that picking out a palette comes with ease. 

Each shelf is 12" wide and vary in depth depending on which size shelf you select. Having problems finding that perfect palette?  Search no longer!  Using the Method slat wall system makes Displaying, Organizing and Storing a lot easier. These PVC slat walls are strong, durable and lightweight. Weighing in at only 1.6 pounds per sq foot, they have a whopping 70 lb. break strength making them easy to handle as well as install. They're also Water and Moisture resistant, making it ideal for your tattoo area.

Our slat walls come in 4 sizes (32x37cm, 32x68cm, 32x98cm and 32x129cm) giving you a multitude of options to set up the perfect work station.The "T" Connectors are used to connect two dividers perpendicularly. We also have Linear Connectors as well. The Linear Connectors are used to connect two dividers together. The dividers were created to help you easily organize your drawers. Use them individually or with our T Connectors and Linear Connectors to create a plethora of different set-ups.

Make your work station organized, clean and functionable with the Method Tattoo System available now at